Monday, May 21, 2007

Paris Hilton, give me a break!

Paris Hilton, rich, young and burdened with the fabulous job of being, well... fabulous, is getting to be a little too much. Give me a break already. She was facing up to 90 days in prison, which, luckily for the poor, rich thing was commuted to 45 days! The question is, is this really justice? Will she really learn from her ways, or will she just earn from her ways?

Yes, that's right. While the rest of us mere mortals would lose money from being in the can for 45 days, this lovely creature will just get more media coverage and earn more money from the whole affair. Paris claims that, "If I go to jail, even for just a day, my life will be over." But seriously, will it? I think not and neither should you.

If the past is any indication, Paris will do what Paris does best, being Paris! She will, as in the past, turn an ugly affair into a money making scheme, just like she did the time the embarrassing film footage of her having sex with Rick Salomon came out. She just used that notoriety to help land herself a money making deal for her reality TV series, The Simple Life.

After publishing a book about her dog Tinkerbell, the very week of its publication, the silly creature ended up mysteriously missing. The result, why, you guessed it, the publicity ended up in the sales of the book skyrocketing, making the poor little thing, well, not so poor. Hilton has made a profitable career out of the perception that she is dimwitted, but in the end, she ends up, "laughing all the way to the bank," as she, herself, once stated.

Friends of Paris even appealed to the governor of the great state of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to commute the sentence. Oh please.... spare me. This poor, defenseless creature, the daughter of the billionaire Hilton family has lead the most luxurious and pampered existence, that its almost criminal, in and by itself. Apparently, it's inhuman to treat the life of this celebrity just like the rest of us regular humans.

She did the crime and she should do the time. No special favors just for being a rich, spoiled, pampered brat.

As far as I'm concerned and I think many others as well, people like Paris, celebrities born with wealth, luxury and every thing else that we poor mortals could only hope and dream of, does not deserve any special treatment, but rather harsher treatment.

The reason is quite simple: Giving special breaks and treatment to spoiled, pampered, brats doesn't help them learn from their mistakes, it emboldens them! People, like Paris are sadly roll models for the younger generation and it is important that our children be impressed with this simple fact: That no one, be they rich, or be they poor, famous, or what have you, is above the law: if you break it, you pay, be you Paris or some down-and-out-bum, we must all be seen as equal in the law, other wise justice is denied.

Again, in conclusion, for Paris's sake, and for those young people who look up to her, justice must seen to be fair, equal, swift and blind. No exceptions, and that includes you miss Paris.

That's my two cents for Tuesday, 22nd of May.

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