Monday, May 21, 2007

Apple is really, really BIG!

A lot of my PC and Linux friends, out there, like to think of Apple Inc., that lovely bastion of really cool designs, you know the iPod people, is nothing more than that of a little, insignificant pip-squeak of a company. The reality is nothing short of the truth!

Just today, Monday, May 21, this so called little insignificant company hit a market cap of 96.87 billion dollars as its stock traded at a high, for the day, of $111.98! Truly, this is not what any one can call 'small potatoes!' Strangely, however, that's exactly what most people seem to think! The question is Why?

For comparison, lets look at some truly giant PC companies like Dell and HP, etc. As of the same trading day Dell stock hit a high of $25.94, equalling some 57.85B in market cap; HP on the other hand had its stock trading at S44.58 thus giving it a market cap of a whopping 121.03B. Gateway one of the big four PC companies also traded for the day at a measly $1.78 per share and a market cap, get this, of only 621.20M! That is less than One-Billion dollars, and this, remember folks is one of the big four PC companies. In fact, IBM that giant among giants, had its shares trading for a little less than that of Apple, with its market cap reaching 158.8B. Apple, as can be seen, is on the fast-track of even over taking this icon of the computer world!

One financial blog, not too long ago, projected at its current rate of growth, Apple Inc. by 2010 would mostly like surpass mighty Microsoft in annual revenues! Can you believe that? Where talking about a company with a market cap of some 297B and an annual income of approximately 44B!

I could go on and on, comparing Apple to other large PC firms, firms that we all know are huge! What most people who like to belittle Apple don't seem know or comprehend, however, is that Apple is not only big, but bigger, by far, than most PC companies!

With some 9,000 people switching to OSX from Windows, each and every single day of the week, and revenues that are not simply growing, but growing exponentially, a market cap that is through the roof, revenues and enormous financial power to boot, like some 12-17 Billion in cash, I would like to know one little thing: Why do PC and Linux users constantly belittle Apple, its size and market position, etc?

Could it possibly be that they fear, that maybe, just maybe, Apple's computer and OS designs really are superior to that of their own, thus forcing them in a defensive posture, or is it because of some anti-Apple subliminal marketing campaign designed by its competitors, or what?

Personally, as much as I would love to know the exact reason or reasons why people belittle Apple and its influence in the market place, I do know this, the next time some one tries to tell you that Apple Inc. is just some two-bit, insignificant, little, also-ran-of-a-company, DON'T BELIEVE THEM, BECAUSE IT'S NOTHING SHORT OF THE TRUTH!

The facts speak for themselves, that Apple Inc. is a giant among giants and is worthy of more than the back stabbing, ignorant and, frankly, down-right and jealous belittling that it gets from the PC and Linux crowds, both of which have benefited enormously from Apple's past, present and, no doubt, future innovations and contributions!

I'm Don Williams and that's' MY 2 Cents Worth' for May 21, 2007!

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