Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Is Jimmy Carter a Traitor?

Former president, Jimmy Carter, indeed may be a sincere man, a compassionate, kind and very thoughtful man, but is he also a man guilty of treason? A common traitor to his own country? Some may think so with all of his recent and very public attacks on the sitting president, George W. Bush by this self same former president.

Its common practice for leaders, in office, to attack one another, but for a former president to viscously attack a sitting president is unheard of. What's the point? Is he trying to help America's foreign policy, improve the nation's security and increase the nation's prestige at home and abroad? Well, for one thing, if he is, he sure is going about it in an unusual, odd and strange way!

The truth of the matter, in my humble opinion, is that he is doing the exact opposite. On the security side, for example, Jimmy Carter is embarrassing not only the sitting president, but the whole nation in the eyes of the world and adding fodder to the fires of hatred burning across the entire globe for this mightiest of nations. The nations of the world look to the United States and its president for leadership and the remarks of this former president lowers both the prestige and sense of trust in America, as well as it's standing in the world.

One of the many things that Mr. Carter has said, in his attacks, was that Bush had made a "radical departure from all previous administration policies," Well, I say for starters Mr. Carter, is that you also have made a radical departure from any one who loves their nation by attacking and weakening the very role and prestige of the same high office that you once occupied! If any body should know this it is you.

Aso, Jimmy Carter was not exactly an outstanding example of what I would consider a great president, therefore, I find his vicious and public attacks even more uncalled for. They are childish, self-serving, unpatriotic and treasonous. A patriotic Jimmy Carter should either be making statements that support and help the current president, or this southern gentle man should just keep his mouth closed as a service to the nation.

My question, if only I could ask the man himself, face-to-face, is who are you trying to help with all your vicious attacks? Al-Qaeda and all of the other murderous terrorists of the world? How about the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? I'm sure he and the other enemies of the United States are dancing for glee at the words that have been issuing from the mouth of the ex-president.

When a former president attacks a sitting president the eyes of the world will take notice, and the perception of the nation in those same eyes can only be that of a confused, weary, unstable, weak and ineffective power. The ex-presidents words can only hurt the nation and its president by emboldening the hands of its foes, of which they have only too many. It needs no more. So why is he issuing these nasty, mean and ugly attacks? Seems to me that to attack a nation's president is to attack the nation, it's people's, its ideals and value's. Again, why?

However, Jimmy Carter is not just satisfied with attacking President Bush, of course. He also has to attack it's faithful allies like prime minister Tony Blair of Great Britain. Shame on you Mr. Carter, double shame.

Mr. Carter's presidency is now history, where it should remain. Is ex-president Jimmy Carter a traitor, well, that's something for the American people to decide. Mr. Carter is now out of the White House but seems to be acting like he is still in there, running the place. Get over it Mr. Carter, your term of steering this mighty republic is over, if only your nasty verbal attacks were likewise..... over.

Mr. Carter show your patriotism by either supporting your president, the same way you wanted people to support yours, or please, for the good of the nation... keep your nasty and unpatriotic statements to yourself. Give America a fighting chance, not America's enemies.

And that's my two cents for May the 23rd. of 2007.

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